***  Welcome to the world of the Garafian Shepherd Dog ***

The Garafian shepherd is a native breed of the Isle of La Palma, Canary Islands. It is named after the municipality of Garafía, in the northwest of the island, area where the specimens that led to the recovery of the breed were collected. The breed was officially recognized by the Real Sociedad Canina de España in 2003.

***  Background  ***

This is a distinct canine population, native to the region of Garafía on the island of La Palma, where it was used by the shepherds to lead the herds of goats and sheep through the rugged topography   due to this dog´s extreme agility, highlight performer on rocky steep cliffs and ravines.

Thanks to the functional selection being carried out, the Garafian shepherd´s homogeneous characteristics make it a vital tool for shepherding since the beginning of this activity on the island. From Pre-hispanic origin the crosses with others races after the conquest have contributed to the development of this shepherd dog  which still continues performing the same tasks throughout the centuries helping the shepherds to lead their herds of goats and sheep along the rocky ridgeline of  La Caldera de Taburiente.